Eye Vision Technology

Platform independent machine vision

About Eye Vision Technology

Founded in 1999, Eye Vision Technology started with the development of machine vision software for embedded hardware and smart cameras. After it's first release, Eyevision software has known a continuous flow of extensions and upgrades for different hardware platforms like Vision boxes, embedded-PC's and smart cameras. Today the software is being used almost all over the world and Eyevision has proven to be a flexible and stable platform for machine vision application development. EVT currently concentrates on extending Eyevision with many new machine vision functions such as 3D image processing, code reading and modern interfacing technologies. Eyevision also runs on PC systems with external sensors such as Hikvision GigE and USB3 cameras. Ease of use and flexibility has become the strong point of the Eyevision software packages.

Eyevision machine vision toolset

More than just clever software

EyeVision is a complete image processing package for every possible field of application. EyeVision is connecting a powerful, hardware platform independent software for Windows and Linux with a wide range of hardware for image capture and digital I/O.

EyeVision means:

  • Drag-and-Drop programming
  • One tool for all image processing tasks
  • Expandable for all programming tasks
  • Quick migration to other database systems
  • Short development and fast results
  • Customizable and extendable
  • Manifold solutions for various applications

A graphical user interface

Easy programming by Drag-and-Drop is a typical feature of the customer-friendly and user-friendly EyeVision software. Even difficult image processing tasks are quickly set up without previous knowledge. The additional EyeVision graphical user interface was developed to merge 'ease of development' with 'quick deployment'. Just a few clicks and the application can be put in practice.

All industrial inspection tasks are done fast and effective by the all-in-one image processing software EyeVision. EyeVision also offers software for OEM instruction sets and a powerful BASIC Interpreter.

Download a test version of Eyevision

Application areas