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It is long ago that 'made in China' was the equivalent to 'low-end' or 'cheap'. Nowadays, all world dominating electronics brand produce in the land of the red dragon. This long history of electronics production, experience and the continuous growth of the Chinese economy and education level, now pays-off in terms of China's capability to develop and produce top notch products, completely from China design and origin. Combine this with a relentless hunger for improvement, a constantly improved logistics and infrastructure model, high production efficiency and huge production quantities, and you will find Chinese products at the highest standards whilst still at an affordable price level. This is what will make China the number-one economy in the years to come. And it will be not for long that brands like Huawei, Baidu, Alibaba and Hikvision will influence, or even set worlds technology standards.


About Hikvision

Established in 2001, Hikvision worked it's way up to a 23,2% 2016 world market leadership in the global video surveillance business and reached a total turnover of 4,67 Billion US$ in the same year. With it's focus on image related products, Hikvision currently occupies over 20.000 employees, of which 9.000 are R&D engineers divided over 5 global R&D centres. A total of 1.100 engineers are responsible for Hikvision's design and production quality assurance. Hikvision holds a total of over 1.300 patents in their industry. Divided over three main production facilities in Hangzhou, Tonglu and Congqin, Hikvision's production capacity is at a stunning 185.000 camera systems per day. All production facilities make use of fully automated SMT equipment, clean room environment and rely on robot driven assembly and internal logistics.


About Hikrobot

Hikrobot is a business unit of Hikvision and is responsible for development and sales of automated guided vehicles, industrial machine vision technologies and unmanned aerial vehicles. Hikrobot's industrial machine vision department is responsible for development and production of USB3 area scan type cameras, GigE area scan type cameras, GigE line scan type cameras, Code readers and smart cameras, 3D camera systems, Embedded machine vision processing units, Machine vision optics and lighting and Machine vision software. All products are produced at Hikvision's high-tech main production facilities.

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